Here at Mama Cakes we have close to 100 delicious flavors to choose from. We normally have about 16-19 different flavors to choose from each day. Flavors vary everyday. If you have certain flavors you would like put in a special order with us. We will be adding pictures of all of our delicious cupcakes soon.

Everyday Flavors


Vanilla Dream Chocolate Vanilla Chocolate Indulgance
M&M Apple Brown Sugar Smores
Blueberry Pancake Mint Dream Cookie Dough
Cookies n Cream Peanut Butter Cup Boston Cream

Other Flavors


Chocolate Dream Death By Chocolate Cinnamonster
Sugar Cookie Cherry Pie Blueberry Pie
Chocolate Potato Chip Banana Cream Pie Banana Dream
Apple Crisp Blueberry Crisp Peach Cobbler
Red Velvet / The Patriot Whip City Carrot Pumpkin Spice
The Waffle Brownie Cookie Dough Lemon Berry
Banana Split Molten Chocolate Hot Fudge Sundae
Pineapple Chunky Charlie Marshmallow
Black Forest French Toast w Bacon Strawberry Cheesecake
Cherry Cheesecake Cotton Candy Oreo Cheesecake
Mocha Chip Colossal Carmel Firehouse
Pb Dream Pb Jelly Pb Banana
Pb Banana Honey M&M cookie The King
Coconut Dream Mounds Snickers
Butterfinger Almond Joy Pb Potato Chip
Mint Patty The York Chocolate Chip
Twisted Banana Chocolate Chip The Scout
Magically Delicious Caramel Apple Strawberry Dream
Brownie Explosion Milky Way Cookie Overload
Cream Puff Chocolate Cream Puff Chocolate Banana Cream Pie
Chocolate Covered Graham Cracker Killer Brownie Oatmeal Creme Sandwich
Sour Patch Birthday Cake Neapolitan
Crabby Abby Mostess Hot Cocoa
Chocolate Strawberry Fluffernutter Salted Caramel
Candy Cane Caramelized Banana Gingerbread
Twixie Blueberry Blowout Triple Chocolate Cookie
Chocolate Cookie Dough Chocolate Covered Bacon Carmelized PB Banana
Chocolate Cherry Junior Mint Whooper
Blackberry Chocolate Chocolate Coconut Caramel Ooey gooey apple pie
Caramello Strawberry Kiwi White Night
Lemon Whoopie Pie Whoopie Pie Chocolate Candy Overload
Mint Chocolate Brownie Explosion Key Lime Chocolate Candy Overload
Apple Cinnamon Pancake Chocolate Salted Caramel Vintage Chocolate
Caramel Brownie Cookie Dough Blast Vanilla Chippy Apple Brown Betty
Chocolate Cookie Dough Truffle Brownie Cheesecake Explosion Mint Monster
Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake The Blondie Harmony
Chocolate Mocha Caramel Cookie Blowout Triple Chocolate Cheesecake Caramel Apple Crisp
Chocolate PB Truffle

Chocolate Dipped Collection


Chocolate Dipped Orange Chocolate Dipped Raspberry Chocolate Dipped Banana
Chocolate Dipped Blueberry Chocolate Dipped Cherry Chocolate Dipped Strawberry
Chocolate Dipped Cookie Dough

Twisted Collection


Chocolate Raspberry Lemon Raspberry Vanilla Raspberry Twisted Mint Cookies
Red Chocolate Strawberry Banana

Cocktail Flavors

These cupcakes do contain a nominal amount of alcohol.


The Paddy Margarita Chocolate Red Wine Strawberry Daiquiri
Mint Juliep Mudslide Rum Cake Baileys

Gluten Free


Chocolate Base Cupcake with any of our frosting except Cookies n Cream, Cookie Dough, and Mint Dream

We are always coming out with new flavors.

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